Company Profile

        YuYao Tirrit Co.,Ltd.an ISO9000 & ISO14000 & SA8000 certified manufacturer of machanical dipensing devices and spray pumps, serves the market of personal care products, cosmetics and fragrance, housedhold and automotive, pharmaceutical and food.
        With a wide product range, and a number of fully automatic assembly machines and testing devices, TIRRIT is well positioned to meet different market needs of trigger sprayers, finger sprayers, lotion pumps, foam pumps, airless pumps and other packaging components. Having our own product development centre, we have gained constant energy to develop new products, explore new technology for marketplace and customer requests. Customers from Asia,USA & EU realize it is as simple as what they say to develp something special for them. TIRRIT is bringing more and more customer projects from global top brand clients.
        Located in eastern China, TIRRIT not only brings out the best products, but also offers the most competitive prices. The most efficient management and the best labours assure our customers their good position in marketing, and the best solution for their projects.
        TIRRIT is devoted to help you to succeed. Come to discuss with our exporters, you are always welcome!

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